Satellite internet

Verhagen IT Group TeleportVerhagen IT Group is supplier of integral solutions for satellite internet on board sea and river going vessels. We don’t only supply the necessary hardware for the internet connection, but also the subscriptions. More information about our internet access subscriptions can be found here.

Verhagen IT Group can supply, install and maintain high quality solutions for VSAT. Verhagen IT Group is an official dealer of Intellian. Intellian products are renowned for their quality and their ability to operate under any weather conditions. This ensures you and us that our satellite connections are built with the highest possible quality materials.

Beside VSAT there is also the option to use fleet broadband which can serve as a back-up. With fleet broadband you can also use telephony besides internet. The fleet broadband is a completely separate system. Fleet broadband can be used for several purposes;

  • Internet
  • Telephony
  • SMS
  • Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot

Fleet broadband is mainly used as a back-up system because the internet speed is not as fast as the VSAT connection or the simcards. The advantages is that FBB provides internet and telephony on open sea, but it is also possible to active and deactivate the system by a SMS.

You can maximize your satellite connections thanks to our advanced firewall solutions. This enables you to partial or even completely block applications. It is also possible to block certain content on websites, advertisements for example. This ensures you to keep your maximum bandwidth available in order to use this for important business.