3G & 4G internet

European simcards & Worldwide simcards

Our European & Worldwide simcards use a technology which originally was developed to enable machines to directly communicate with each other through the internet (M2M). This technology has endured a powerful growth in the last years and has become a full-grown product. This technology is nowadays also used to have limitless internet access on board. Our simcards use the 3G&4G network. 4G network is in the biggest part of Europe and out of Europe available.

3G&4G network (link)

Having internet on your mobile phone has become very normal these days. You can connect your phone trough the 3G or 4G network to the internet. These simcards can also be used on modems on a vessel.
There are 2 solutions:

  • Modem with a receiver as big as in your mobile phone
  • Big dedicated antennas with an additional infrastructure

4G internet is getting more and more common everywhere in the world. With 4G is it possible to provide a faster internet connection. however 3G and 4G internet is not possible in every situation. Coverage on rivers (EU) is generally not a problem, at sea you will get out of range of the radio towers.

New developments are the European/World simcards. With the European/world simcards you can roam freely through different countries without changing simcards or pay for multiple subscriptions. More information on these subscriptions can be found on our page about European simcards.

Investment costs for 3G and 4G internet are considerably lower in comparison with satellite internet. The subscription is based on actual usage and this makes 3G/4G internet an interesting alternative.

The simcards are very interesting for our customers who travel allot through different countries.

European & World simcards offer you the following advantages:

  • Simcard works in almost every country
  • 4G coverage in European countries and outside EU.
  • High internet speed in comparison to satellite solutions
  • One point of contact
  • One contract

Verhagen IT Group is able to manage simcards; we can scale these simcards up and down. If you have a Blanc simcard we can remotely change the simcard with an active internet connection.

The pricing of the data connection will be the same in every country. There will be no roaming costs.