A good entertainment system on board a vessel makes a stay for passengers and crew members far more enjoyable. This will subsequently translate in a better customer satisfaction and improve the working conditions for the crew.

There are several possibilities for placing TV and sound installations

  • Cabin
  • Swimming area
  • Public spaces
  • Etc.

The functionalities for entertainment systems in the cruise market demand a lot of extra functionalities. This is because the passengers are used to luxuries and Verhagen IT Group can supply this sort of entertainment systems.


An IPTV systems works on the local network on board of a vessel and can be used for television and also provide other services. The satellite signal which is received by the TVRO antenna gets distributed over the whole vessel.

There is a digital head-end build on board the vessel for the distribution of the television signal. With the digital head-end we can maintain control over content that we offer on board the vessel. It is possible to broadcast radio channels and television channels.

You can also broadcast other types of video besides satellite television. You can use the video image of certain cameras on different places on the vessels and broadcast these on one or multiple IPTV channels. It is also possible to share information to the passengers like flight and hotel information to make their stay even more pleasant. Information like activities or messages can be displayed on the televisions in the passenger cabins via digital signage. The Video On Demand (VOD) system can be linked to your PMS system. This has several advantages like displaying the passenger names on the welcome menu or sharing invoices, which makes their stay even more personal.

Furthermore you can also set-up your own TV channels for promotional purposes.

Video On Demand

These days Video On Demand (VOD) is a highly demanded functionality in an entertainment package. This makes this kind of entertainment a good addition to your overall entertainment package on board. On passenger’s vessels is this very common part of their entertainment system.

Our VOD systems get integrated with the IPTV systems, which make it easy to access the VOD system by using the television installed in the cabin. This will provide a similar experience to what the passengers have at home. It is also possible to connect the VOD system to the PMS system. This makes billing easy when the guest is required to pay for the video content.

Audio & Sound

Music can be an important part of the entertainment for your passengers on board the vessel. This can be music or radio in the cabins or public spaces.
Verhagen IT Group has widespread experience with installing all different kind of sound solutions for both inside and outside locations in all weather conditions.

Video Wall & Digital Signage

Sometimes is a screen is not large enough for your presentation, which creates the need for multiple screens to work together and create an image. these video wall solutions are made in many different variations. For the creation of these images which are spread over multiple screens are a wide variety of technological solutions.

A video wall combines good with digital signage products for a constant presentation. Providing information, commercials or a combination of both are some examples of the possibilities.